Sheryl Stoddard

Sheryl Stoddard has more than 20 years of experience working in a nonprofit environment.  Sheryl’s nonprofit experience included overseeing all areas of the human resources, support and facility and information technology departments, as well as the oversight of the accreditation process.  In her numerous years working with CARF, Sheryl typically serves as the Administrative Surveyor, but also serves as a program surveyor for the Behavioral Programs in Assessment/Referral, Case Management and Outpatient Therapy. Sheryl earned her B.A. Degree from the University of Michigan, where she double majored in Psychology and Sociology.  Sheryl’s areas of expertise include guiding internal operational issues by developing and implementing courses of action impacting service delivery and ensuring compliance with accreditation and legal requirements by creating and administering organization policies, procedures and handbooks. Sheryl is also adept at initiating performance-driven management processes for all types of staff members and conducting employee, management and board member trainings.

When not working, Sheryl is very involved with many agencies that provide services to the special needs population, in addition to being an elected school board member of her local school district.