Bonnie R. Breit, President, is privileged to lead this team of professionals.

BRB Consulting has sought out  established professionals each  with between 20 to over 40 years of experience to meet the needs of our clients.

Our consultants are actively engaged in today’s health care environment to ensure real life solutions are offered to our clients.

We embody a collaborative approach to our services.  We value and  recognize the unique nature of each program and strive to help create innovative ways to improve daily practice.

BRB Consultants are  ready to support your organization’s  CARF accreditation efforts, as well as day to address challenges including documentation or optimizing cultural outreach efforts.

Recognizing the importance of a first hand experience,  please give us a call at 610-566-2828 or  contact us by email today.

We welcome the opportunity to share just how BRB Consulting can assist you now!