CARF Accreditation Preparation

BRB Consulting offers a team of highly experienced professionals to guide your organization in its goal of CARF accreditation. Whether you are seeking to accredit one program or many,  our team is ready to support your preparatory activities with  effective tools to simplify  your actual survey process.

The BRB Consulting staff delivers both on-site and off-site consultation regarding CARF standards interpretation and implementation for our USA and international clients. Our team works collaboratively with your organizational staff sharing proven strategies for successful survey outcomes.
With over 120+ years of CARF preparation experience, these methods insure consistent data gathering occurs while creating mechanisms to demonstrate clear evidence of conformance.

Additionally, BRB Consulting team members work through interactive sessions, which become integral aspects of effective preparation for the survey and for ongoing service delivery.

Our consultation services can begin with your first thoughts of considering accreditation or to help you address the recommendations received on a previous survey-yes the QIP should be  done in 90 days! We can help create plans to address each of those recommendations.

Our team is ready to assist in determining which are the most appropriate programs as well as your organizational readiness when completing the Application to Survey.

Of course, we are available to provide a comprehensive on-site Mock Survey to determine your program’s actual readiness and current level of conformance with CARF Standards. We will help identify those possible opportunities for improvement, and offer solutions to guide your team in “fixing them”.

As a Small Business and certified Women Owned Business, registered in SAM, BRB Consultants are ready to support programs in the VA Health and Employment Systems. See more in our BRB Capability Statement 2016.

Please feel free to call us for your no cost exploratory telephone conference. BRB Consultants are ready and available to discuss your needs.
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