Stakeholders – Do your doctors know them?

Stakeholders are the individuals or groups who have an interest in the activities and outcomes of your organization and its programs and services.

Why are stakeholders important?

  • Stakeholders are critical to the health of organizations and programs.
  • Without stakeholders’ interest, satisfaction, and support of services, there would be no demand for your services and your programs would not survive!
  • High stakeholder interest, satisfaction, and support of programs reinforce your services and the programs as essential.

Why should your doctors get to know your stakeholders?

  • Doctors are in natural leadership roles as the medical directors of your programs
  • A strong relationship between your doctors and stakeholders arms the doctors with information to support your services and implement change

Get your doctors involved with your stakeholders!

If you need help in engaging your doctors with stakeholders, contact Donna Jo Blake, MD for physician-to-physician guidance and training.  As your doctors become better acquainted with stakeholders and the role stakeholders play in the health of the organization, your doctors will become more effective program advocates and leaders.