With Thanksgiving being just  a day away, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities  (IRFs) are working hard to keep supporting patients needing rehabilitative care.  Clearly  the value of rehab can be seen by Representative Giffords’ remarkable progress.  The recent ABC special highlights those successes.   However, there continue to be legislative efforts which will ultimately reduce access to rehab care. Many IRF programs are concerned about their future ability to provide rehab to the community.  Visit AMRPA to learn more about what you can do to keep rehabilitation a right for all people.

Even with these funding cuts on the horizon, IRFs strive to optimize  quality care. Next Tuesday CMS is hosting a special forum.  Everyone is welcome to join the call…

If your organization delivers IRF care,  plan to listen in-the new measures will be discussed. (No registration is needed.)

Special Open Door Forum: Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility
Quality Reporting Program (QRP)
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET
Dial: 1-800-837-1935
Reference Conference ID: 21834666.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) has scheduled a call that will give an overview of the IRF QRP (http://www.cms.gov/LTCH-IRF-Hospice-Quality-Reporting) , review of the Affordable Care Act Section 3004 (b) and the Quality Reporting Program for IRFs, and quality measures for the IRF QRP. Questions and comments can be sent to [email protected].  If you wish to participate, dial: 1-800-837-1935 and Reference Conference ID: 21834666. An audio recording and transcript of this Special Open Door Forum will be posted to the Special Open Door Forum website at http://www.cms.gov/OpenDoorForums/05_ODF_SpecialODF.asp and will be accessible for downloading on or around December 9, 2011 and will be available for 30 days. Please see the Downloads section at the following URL for the full participation announcement: http://www.cms.gov/OpenDoorForums/18_ODF_Hospitals.asp.

If you need additional information on how these measures will impact your organization- contact BRB Consulting.  We are here for you.