If you are reading this post, then you probably understand the value of rehab….unfortunately- not  everyone does and sometimes, even our legislators don't either.

The recent Obama deficit reduction proposal poses to  disproportionately cut inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and units (IRH/Us) in order to save dollars.  Of $320 billion President Obama has proposed for Medicare and Medicaid savings, $42 billion would come from post acute care providers.   The current  deficit reduction proposal would decrease market basket updates by 1.1% for IRFs in FYs 2014-2021; implement site neutral payments for three conditions plus those which the Secretary may designate; and reinstate of the 75% Rule compliance threshold.   Clearly -these changes would severely compromise IRF's ability to deliver care to many who need it!

So, what can you do?

If you are a Rehab provider , please  reach out to your legislators and members of the Super Committee to oppose these reductions.

If you are a recipient of rehab care-  tell the legislators your story…protect the funds to allow IRF to deliver that rehab care today and tomorrow.

Not sure who represents you…Click on either  the Senate or the House and find out and email or call today.

Legislators need to hear all the stories  about  rehabilitation and the impact  these services have on the lives of their constituents.

Take time now to share the benefits of  REHAB…If you need  more detailed information related to this,   BRB Consulting suggests contacting AMRPA!