As the weather begins its transition into fall,  and the leaves begin to turn  colors,  it is a perfect time to think about change on a larger scale.  Many of us reflect from time to time on what we or our organizations could do better or even about things we  wish we could stop doing altogether.

So where to begin? Start with  something that matters, a facility problem, an employee issue or maybe a challenge for patients/clients.  Once  you decide what it is you want to tackle,  gather a team to help; successful change  requires analysis  and planning;  for that  two,  or even more heads are definitely better than one.

Next try  a brainstorming session to first define the issue,  then let loose  creative ideas on what might be a fix.  (Do have someone take notes!)  Then begin analyzing and weighing the team’s thoughts,  it is okay to take time.  Give  your group permission to “reflect” on the concepts that have been shared.

After thoughtful consideration, the team’s imperative is  to select the best approach to address the change desired.  Now the work should  focus on creating the actions for making something different happen.

As the team defines these procedures, establish just  one  goal for one small change.  Although  it may not seem like much, targeting that will lead the team to achieving the larger goal.

“Rome was not built in a day”  may become a mantra for the team. Working together, know the change can happen -there’s proof – Rome still exists  today!

With those beginning steps, you are ready to become a change agent. Join us again in two week for the next installment of A Season for  Change.

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