As a follow up from our last post, BRB Consulting has two more helpful strategies for you to consider when conducting a performance appraisal.

Another  strategy is to recognize and comment on exceptional performance. A performance appraisal is definitely the time to document when an employee has done something amazing.  Don't be shy, provide examples!

After documenting exceptional performance, the next step is to listen to the employee’s opinions about his/her own performance.  Employee self evaluations usually fall into two types of categories: those who think they exceed in every single area that they are being evaluated on, and those who think they are under-achieving in all areas. Your job as the person administering the performance appraisal is to assess where an employee's self awareness is, and work with the employee accordingly to help create a more balanced self perception.

Stay tuned for two more strategies, if you are counting those are  five and six. We will share more in a week or two. Please tell us what you think or contact us for more information.