Last week, we faced challenges from severe storms and certainly we offer support and comfort to those who suffered losses…but today the sun is shining again.

This weekend brings the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  For many,  it is a time of reflection – not only as individuals but also,  for our nation as a whole.  Lots of people share that they were changed by that incredible “challenge”.

BRB Consulting was launched from that 2001 tragedy…one part of our mission is dedicated  to helping share the value of each person’s worth.  We strive to create understanding through education and providing accurate  information about different cultures  to change  cultural tolerance to cultural acceptance, but also to enhance business opportunities.

The 2010  US census data shows an increase in many minority populations with Latinos showing a huge growth in numbers.  BRB Consulting helps  clients understand their local changing demographics enabling the  organization to respond in culturally effective ways.  If you haven’t  taken time to look up what’s happening in your community- visit American Fact Finder to check out your neighborhood.

BRB Consulting remains committed to helping overcome the challenge of cultural differences, by embracing our similarities.  With time, we hope everyone will understand…Cultures are different; but different does not mean inferior.

Contact BRB Consulting for more information about exploring Cultural Competency or to help address other challenges faced by your organization.