Is your organization “accessible”?

Most businesses or providers  regularly explore physical access guidelines to make sure patients/customers can get into the building, but what about other factors that can inhibit  participation in your services?

Are your hours consumer friendly?

Can people get to your program/business on public transportation or with community transport?

Are there financial barriers which limit the ability to benefit from the services offered at your sites?

Are there  “attitudes” in your organization that could be negatively  perceived and possibly limit a person’s  desire to come  to your programs or “buy”  your offerings?

First identifying and then removing  barriers (anything that can get in the way of  people using  your services or products)  is the key to becoming “accessible”.  When organization’s take the time to  evaluate these issues,   effective solutions are possible.

Consider establishing a working committee including representatives from your customers, the people you serve  to make overcoming the accessibility challenge  attainable.  Whether your mission  is related to delivering therapy services,  being a leader in the community or being fiscally responsible to shareholders;   understanding and addressing  barriers will lead to meeting your goals.

Becoming  accessible  helps achieve  your mission!

BRB Consulting offers support to create  effective accessiblility  plans  specifically designed to meet your mission,  as well as to achieve  CARF accreditation.

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