BRB Consulting has expanded our services to better meet the needs of those organizations seeking CARF accreditation. Physicians play a critical role in the leadership and success of an organization, defining the vision and setting the strategy for the organization as well as serving as the medical directors and providers of services. Yet with these multiple demands on physicians providing today’s health care services, it is difficult for physicians to be as engaged in the accreditation processes as they and the organization may desire.

Physician training in accreditation processes is often lacking from both formal education and continuing education.

BRB Consulting now offers CARF preparation for physicians by a physician who is a CARF surveyor.  We recognize the importance of judicious use of physician time as well as training that is personalized. Working collaboratively, BRB Consulting’s Physician Lead, Dr. Blake  will help your organization identify the educational needs of your physicians. Our company will provide education and training that promotes interactive, physician-centered learning so that they better understand the role CARF plays in promoting quality, value and optimal outcomes of services. Your organization’s physicians will be better prepared to fulfill their role as medical director of CARF accreditation services as well as to become actively engaged in the accreditation processes.
Contact us today to promote physician leadership and involvement in your CARF accreditation.


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