Khadi Madama

Khadi has designed Stress Management programs for health care professionals as well as health care giants such as St. Barnabas, and Continuing Education. She is listed on Celebrity Talent International as a professional stress management and motivational speaker. Khadi was a  celebrity speaker and presenter of a unique Tai Chi program that she created for physical rehab and brain trauma, at the LA Health Expo in 2010. This program went on to be filmed as the health series, Yours Truly, Tai Chi, on the educational television station TV 21 in NJ.

What began in 1974 when she was published as a Yoga Therapist in Ambassador Magazine of TWA, already creating unique cognitive movement programs, has come full circle in 2018, as Khadi was been invited to present her Paper and her program at Harvard School of Medicine in affiliation with The National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Services Israel.

In her other life Khadi is a consultant who creates emergency response plans for the health care and corporate against Active Shooter; Workplace Violence; Bomb Threat Response; Emergency Evacuation and Cyber Security.

Khadi’s mission statement is, “If you can dream it, I can create it”. And, she always delivers.


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